Demo of Our IT Asset Management App with Bluetooth Barcode Reader + iPhone

A while ago we wrote about the importance of proper Asset Management for small businesses especially when it comes to cybersecurity as well as staying organized.

Today we filmed a short demo of our custom built App we use daily to manage our clients internet connected devices. It features a demo of scanning an asset tag of a Polycom Conference Phone and the record pulling up on a technician's iPhone. 

tech plus cybersecurity bar code scanner asset manager app

When managing the cybersecurity it is important you track every device connected to the network, it's firmware, and it's patch status. Everyday devices become compromised and keeping them up to date and tracking them is IT Security 101. 

A few of the Asset Details we track are:

  • Company owner and user information
  • Original purchase date, installation date, and end of life date
  • Warranty status and vendor information
  • Serial numbers, MAC Address, IP Address + network config (vLAN etc)
  • Any associated support cases
  • Current firmware, when it was last patched, and revision history
  • Login credentials associated to support the device
  • Audit trail of all Tech+ employees who have looked up the device

Demo of our IT Security Asset Manager - built on Salesforce iOS App + Bluetooth QR Code Scanner

This App is all custom built on Salesforce. Our Salesforce instance is secured by physical security keys, MFA, IP restrictions (must be on VPN), and granular user permissions across our ORG. It is simular to IT Glue, a asset management platform many MSPs use to track their client documentation. We have actually helped other IT Consulting firms use Salesforce to track their client assets like we do.




Chris Stovel

President, Tech+ Consulting