2019 IT Checklist: Kickoff the New Year by Reviewing Your IT Infrastructure

2019 IT Checklist: Kickoff the New Year by Reviewing Your IT Infrastructure

Jan 2, 2019

Christmas is over -- man those were some crazy times at the company party! Now that we are in the New Year 2019 it is time to do some annual maintenance on your IT infrastructure, as well as planning for your business.

This blog post is going to be more focused on the IT maintenance; stuff that is often forgotten and that software systems don't always remind us to do. 

2019 IT Checklist

Review Software Support Agreements and Evaluate Upgrades 

  • What are all the software packages used in the company? 
  • Is there anything no longer being used that can be uninstalled to free up resources and lower the security vulnerabilities (or one less item to patch)
  • What are the support agreements and licensing for each software package?
  • Are any products outdated, or risk running end of life?
  • If so what is the upgrade path look like?
  • Are there new improved software we want to evaluate? Who will do this?
  • What software is mission critical to our business? Is data being backed up?

IT Asset tag card printer Tech Plus

Review Hardware and Warranty Status

  • Pull out your IT asset tag report and run through it.
    • Are there items to be recycled? 
    • Is there anything really, really old to look at?
    • Are there any missing equipment that needs to be located or marked as lost/stolen?
    • Are there items that are not asset tagged that need to be tracked?
  • What is the warranty left on desktops, servers, routers, switches, access points, printers, scanners, NAS devices, and other IT infrastructure? 
  • Is anything out of warranty, soon to be end of life?
  • Are there aging servers or services that could be migrated to the cloud?

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Facilities/Server Room Checklist

  • Check HVAC sensors
    • Test temperature and humidity sensors ensuring they are operational and management consoles are working
    • Validate management interfaces are properly configured
    • Validate email or SMS alerts are working and not getting caught in spam folders, etc. Ensure alerts are going to the right people
    • Check other sensors in the facility (such as food cooler sensors for a grocery store)
  • Check A/C Filters
    • Most larger facilities have a maintenance schedule but some smaller ones don't. If applicable check AC filters that may need to be replaced
  • Clean up Network Patch Panel
    • Now is a perfect time to clean up that patch panel and cabling!
    • Check everything is properly labeled and in-order
    • Remove cables that are not in use
    • Ensure labels are secure; re-apply new ones for those that are faded or worn
  • Check UPS Systems and Batteries
    • Ensure batteries do not need to be replaced
    • Do a full system test
    • Validate management interface is configured and working
    • validate alert emails / SMS are functioning 
    • Ensure the electrical load is balanced across multiple UPS units and your network diagram is updated to show what devices plug in to what unit
  • Check Power Supplies
    • inspect all power supplies of all devices (occasionally a PSU will die and not alert and it is not discovered as the equipment has redundant PSU's)
  • Check Backup Equipment
    • Inspect and test all backup equipment i.e. spare switches or routers
  • Check Firmware
    • This can turn into a larger project sometimes; but now is good to check and plan the project.
    • Ensure firmware of all network devices is up to date. This includes:
      • Servers
      • UPS
      • Routers
      • Switches
      • Modems
      • Switches
      • IP Phones
      • IP Security Cameras
      • Printers
      • Fax Machines
      • Laptops
      • Servers
      • Smart HVAC Controls
      • Conference room equipment
      • IP Lighting control systems
      • Alarm and Access Control Systems
      • Time clocks
      • Postage meters
      • Sound or PA equipment 
      • Anything with a network MAC address should be Asset Tagged and tracked for your Cybersecurity Plan.

electronics recycling

Recycle Old Equipment

  • We give this it's own heading because it is often neglected; it is super common we find ancient old equipment in client server rooms that no one has recycled. I.e. This year we came across Legal Solutions Floppy Disks! Dot Matrix printers, Wireless B PCI laptop cards sealed new! PS/2 mice and keyboards, 
  • Find and recycle old equipment. 
  • Remember electronic equipment should NOT be disposed of in regular garbage. This is illegal in California.
  • A few places in the East Bay for eWaste Recycling:
    • eWast Collective Berkeley: these guys offer free pickup and drop off (depending on items) and are a non-profit 501c3 #63-0395504 see their website for details of what they accept and to schedule pickups.
      • 620 Page Street   (alongside the freeway)

        94710 Berkeley, CA  


        (415) 883-1428

    • Shred Works Oakland - they offer paid pickup and drop off and have a hard drive shredding machine we like this for IT security. They also offer other document security and shredding services for businesses. 
      • 455 High Street

        94601   Oakland,   CA


        (800) 817-4733

    • Iron Mountain Oakland - offer paid dropoff and pickup as well as document storage, shredding, and other services. 
      • 1350 W Grand Ave

        94607   Oakland,   CA


        (800) 899-4766

    • Universal Waste Management Inc. They offer free drop off and paid pickup. 
      • 1433 Eastshore Highway

        94710   Berkeley,   CA


        (888) 832-9839

    • Standard Iron & Metal Oakland - offers free drop off of electronics as well they are willing to table bottles, scrap metal, large batteries, auto parts and other larger recyclables. 
      • 4525 San Leandro St.

        94601   Oakland,   CA


        (510) 535-0222

Chris Stovel

President, Tech+ Consulting